Signposting diversified curriculums for students

At my school, we put lots of work in to, initially, decolonising our curriculum, and then further diversifying to increase representation for all protected categories, but would still hear students say “and we only learn about slavery!”.

This obviously isn’t the students’ fault. They aren’t necessarily going to remember off the top of the heads everything they’ve been taught and the more normalised an inclusive curriculum becomes the less obvious it is when content relating to race, sexuality, gender etc. is covered.

Still, we didn’t want our students to feel shortchanged, and as if the only thing we could be bothered to teach them about was slavery.

We had a whole-school bespoke CPD session led by the brilliant Bennie Kara, called ‘Curriculum, anti-racism and intersectionality’​, and she suggested the simple, but effective, idea of creating posters for each department to clearly signposting the content we deliver.

Every department now has their subject specific poster on their classroom door and inside their classroom to remind students of the content they have been taught.

Computer Science

At the end of the academic year, all departments produced a PowerPoint to illustrate the changes that had been made to diversify their curriculum, so students knew what to expect from the year ahead.

Year 7 RS students looking at what they will learn about next year
Ethics and Politics (Citizenship/PSHE) PowerPoint

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