Engaging parents in anti-discrimination work

At my school, we conducted an anti-racist survey with our parents/carers in December 2021. With the help of our EAL department and multi-lingual students/teachers, we were able to translate our survey in to most home languages spoken by our families to encourage as much engagement as possible.

Example of responses to the parent/carer survey

The responses were largely positive but there were a few areas where it was clear work needed to be done. The question with the lowest average point score was in relation to this statement: “As a parent/carer I am made aware of work the school is doing to improve its anti-racist practice.”

In the space where parents/carers had the opportunity to type specific feedback, there were several who stated they were keen to play a greater role in their child’s education.

As a result, the parent/carer anti-racist group was created, which later became the anti-discrimination group, as several intersectional issues were raised in terms of sexuality and religion.

While in-person meetings would be favourable, we have so far been restricted to Zoom meetings once a half-term to allow for as many parents/carers as possible to attend. In these meetings, I share with parents any relevant anti-discrimination work that is taking place (for example, events occurring for BHM/AHM/GRTHM, results of student anti-racist surveys, etc.).

Parents are also invited to suggest any content they would like their students to learn about. One idea was Kurdish Newroz to be taught, so a form time activity was planned for the appropriate week.

Another idea was to host a ‘Cultural Afternoon’ where whole families could attend, bring in food for everyone to share, play games etc. The first of these events was held in July 2022.

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